As a measure of quality and a firm commitment to customer service, ECO offers the following three-tier support:

Network of ECO Trained Service Technicians

For ECO conversion kit installations, regular maintenance, and any other equipment- or system-related service, please visit an ECO authorized service center. You’ll find technicians who are ECO trained and certified and who are kept up to date with the latest technology to ensure that their knowledge is timely for servicing ECO equipment and conversion solutions.

Component Monitoring

A first in the alternative-fuel world for vehicle conversion solutions, ECO’s edi PRO has built-in diagnostics to facilitate component monitoring. An on-dash service light alerts the driver if the system needs servicing. An ECO service technician can then use generic scan tools to analyze the output data from the edi PRO.


The ECO GlobeLink is a remote programming tool that allows ECO technicians to perform online and real-time calibration and diagnostic support. Connecting through a modem, the ECO technical team can access live vehicle data in real-time from anywhere in the world, minimizing downtime and providing instant and expert support.

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