ECO develops innovative technologies and incorporates them into industry-leading products that are the core of every engineered solution.

technology flow diagram

From years of experience developing solutions and converting thousands of vehicles to run on alternative fuel, ECO understands that each engine has its own blueprint that was designed by the OEM with specific characteristics affecting performance, drivability, and emissions.

Having this knowledge, ECO has chosen to steer away from the alternative-fuel industry’s assumption that one generic product satisfies every engine. Instead, ECO’s philosophy directed the engineering of a flexible hardware platform that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of the OEM. The design allows ECO to keep pace with new OEM offerings by quickly adapting to new technology, often applied in the form of a simple software upgrade.

By keeping its finger on the pulse of the evolutionary dynamics of the OEM products, ECO’s visionary foresight enables its technicians to anticipate changes so they can be proactive instead of reactive. By paying attention to the OEM trail blazers, ECO builds future capabilities into its equipment and hardware. With the components and circuitry already in place, ECO is ready to meet the changing needs of the OEM.

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